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About Us & Our Services


Gracious Guardians is a mentoring program for pre-teen and adolescent girls that seeks to empower, motivate, and positively guide to young adulthood. 

At Gracious Guardians, our mission is to invest into the lives of our teens to teach and instill principles, morals and values, self-esteem, uplifting character traits, and guide them to live purposeful existences. Through various talks/discussions, events, and other activities, we seek to mold these young ladies into future community leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners, and all other careers and lifestyles they seek. 

Our vision is to expand to a large-scale mentoring program that builds and teaches young girls skills vital to becoming productive and individuals. 

Meet the Team!

PRESIDENT, Kameron Guidry

Kameron Guidry is the founder of Gracious Guardians LLC. A native of New Iberia, LA, Kameron is hardworking and devoted to leading a positive and spiritual life. Seeing a need for a program of this nature, Kameron founded Gracious Guardians to uplift young girls in her community and lead them into adulthood with grace and vision. Kameron is a CASA advocate and a member in the Big Brother & Sister program. Kameron is a devoted daughter, sister, godmother, friend, and mentor. Using her previous experiences in life, Kameron seeks to guide teens at a trying period in their development.


MENTOR, Jessikah Jack

Jessikah Jack is a mentor with a passion for helping the youth understand their significance in this world. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University, and has previously served as law enforcement and a youth care worker. Jessikah has always held a passion for volunteering with different organizations and community involvement. Carrying a vibrant, energetic personality, we look forward to Jessikah's smile keeping our group and young girls uplifted.


MENTOR,  Marissa Hebert

Marissa Hebert is a devoted mentor who feels strongly about guiding young women to their fullest potential and helping them become the best version of themselves. She has a background in education and has worked with teens in the past as a high school and middle school teacher. Marissa wishes to bring a sense of comfort and relatability to the program so our youth feel understood and heard. Marissa's fun and positive energy will be a wonderful addition to our team.

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