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Providing Everything Your Youth Needs & Enriching Them For Their Future.

College Library

Life Coaching & Skills Training

We work on helping our girls set goals and map out the steps to achieving each one. We focus on teaching and prepping our girls for the future. Coachings and training include daily self-care, budgeting, home care, career/trade building, etc. We will visit local colleges/trade schools to gather and introduce our girls to whatever may interest them for their future.

Mentor Sessions

We encourage personal development in young girls while providing guidance for their future. We offer group mentoring sessions where the girls will participate in fun team-building activities, personal development activities, and individual sessions for those who would like a one-on-one with our experienced mentors. These weekly sessions help with building positive relationships with peers, family, and others.

Teacher and Student

Community Services
& So Much More!

We help our girls understand how important self-worth, self-belief, self-awareness, leadership, and having confidence is. We also work with our local community and show our girls how important it is to give back. We do volunteer work, local events, clothes, and food drives, yoga, and meditation, Zumba, etc.

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